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Hello there my friend!

I hear that you are pregnant. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
What an incredible journey you are now on – a journey of growth, learning, celebration and opportunity.

I understand though, whilst pregnant, that it can be frustrating feeling as if there is so much more to being pregnant than doctor visits and strangers thinking they can just go ahead and touch your bump. I empathise with you and those commonly asked questions “So, do you know what you are having?” when all you’d love to be asked is something a little deeper, more meaningful. Perhaps a question like “What practices have you used to connect with your baby?” or “What have you learnt about yourself so far in your pregnancy experience?”

Are you feeling like you want more ‘something’ for the whole experience whilst simultaneously not knowing what exactly to look for? I can help you with ideas, or practices, or even ceremonies that will bring more reverence and thought to your incredible miracle of life that your pregnancy & birth is all about.

Feeling like this is not conducive to you thriving, nor your baby either. I know that bonding with your baby is priority for you, but did you know that you & your baby need to have you, the mother-to-be, confident in your ability to know what is best for you, and your baby?

It fills me with joy to be in touch with you. I want to offer you the opportunity to purchase my book, “SPIRIT IN PREGNANCY AND BIRTH – Practical & spiritual care, ceremonies and celebrations”. This book will nurture your desire to connect with yourself and the process of pregnancy through celebrations and ceremony. The book incorporates positive tools such as which archangels and goddesses to call upon to protect and support you whilst in labour; which crystals to use to soften the bombardment of new tactile experiences your baby is having; how to create a positive, supportive environment for your baby; understanding and honouring the development of your baby from a spiritual perspective; and much, much more.

I know you are wanting to invest so much into your pregnancy and birth experience – and so you should. You are worth it!

Spirit in Pregnancy and Birth


I am writing this as I think you would like my book because:

  •  It contains valuable practices that you can incorporate into your daily life
  • It will give you guidance for growing your intuitive abilities
  • The book takes you from pre conception up until the formative years of your baby
  • The book will help you weave more celebration into your pregnancy
  • The information is spiritually rich

Here is a list of what you get when you buy my book:

  • How to make your own belly mask for you to keep as a keepsake of being pregnant
  • Ceremonies you can make use of to increase celebration in your pregnancy. This will increase your awareness and investment in your pregnancy and birth
  • Affirmations and mantras that you could make use of during your pregnancy which will also assist you in creating your own
  • The 10 questions you should be asking of your care-giver so that you are better informed as to whether the care-giver is in alignment with helping you achieve the birth you wish for
  • What birth trees you can use that celebrate the date of birth of your baby
  • And much more…

If I were to guess the top 5 questions or objections you will have about buying my book today, they would be these…

  • I’ve never performed a ceremony before, why should I start now?
  • Can I read this book even if I have specific religious views?
  •  I don’t believe in angels – is this book still valuable in enriching my pregnancy journey?
  • Can my husband benefit from this book?
  • I don’t want to read another book telling me about the pains and aches associated with pregnancy and labour.

This is how I would answer those questions or objections so that you have more clarity on why buying my book is valuable…

  • Ceremonies can be simple or ornate, they can be formal or informal – but most importantly they are personal moments that are designed to bring awareness to your journey whilst honouring the magic of what you are doing – growing a baby – and bringing a new level of presence within your life. And ceremonies are fun!
  • This book has a spiritual flavour but is non-religious and is focused on the value behind growing your own intuition and celebration. It is therefore very easy for you to incorporate your personal religious views and build them into the book’s guidance.
  • The majority of guidance in the book is not angel specific – it contains very practical information like how best to create support systems after the birth of your baby or what you can be looking for in a mother-friendly hospital
  • Absolutely yes – there’s even a section on Embracing the Fathers.
  • This is not a book that tells you what to expect from your pregnancy – it is not geared towards the anatomy and physiology aspects of pregnancy and birth – instead it is aimed at the emotional and spiritual aspects of you.


So, to get you started on the purchasing of my book SPIRIT IN PREGNANCY AND BIRTH, I ask you to click on the PayPal button below and begin the purchasing process. Yeehaaa!

BUY THE EBOOK VERSION NOW! Please feel free to make use of the PAYPAL options available below – alternatively for local purchasers, feel free to contact me directly to place an order directly (R155 per book, excl postage), paying via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)


Once you’ve done this, I will receive a confirmation email from PayPal that the purchase has taken place and I will then email you the eBook version of SPIRIT IN PREGNANCY AND BIRTH or I will package together a hard copy version of the book, address it to you and get it into the postal system the very next day. I would then email you the tracking reference number so that you know your parcel is making its way to you AND you will also know how to track it if you feel it is taking too long to get to you.

When you have this very special book in your hands, I suggest you put time aside for “me-time”. You could choose to luxuriate in a fabulous warm and soothing bath. Perhaps you choose to create a cosy nest on your couch, with some lemon water close by and a plateful of healthy crudités on hand, allowing you to snuggle in and savour the book’s information. Whatever you choose to do, you will find the book easy to enjoy and enormously helpful to you. It does not have to be read all at once – a good excuse to create a few more “me-time” dates with yourself.

If you place your order today, I will also send you my SUPPORT IN BREASTFEEDING.pdf for easy reference to ensure you know how to support yourself whilst breastfeeding.

Here’s a selection of people who have already purchased the book and this is what they had to say…

Hi Colette
My apologies for only getting back to you now. My baby girl, Lila was born 2weeks ago today and I have just found some time to finally get back to you. Thank you so much for the most inspiring book. I call it dynamite as it comes in a small package but is so powerful. My husband and I absolutely loved reading it together, it truly helped in so many ways.
I wish you all the success, and may you be blessed with abundance.
Lots of love
Candice Webster, South Africa

I love your book, it has a beautiful and special energy. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story, it is very powerful and uplifting and opens up a whole new way. Well Done!
Much Love to You All
Peter-John, Kloof, South Africa

Dear Colette,
I read your ebook In and out with Spirit and enjoyed it very much.
Just wished to tell you that it gave me many great ideas to implement for pregnancy and birth.
Much love,
Simona, Frankfurt, Germany

Dear Colette
The queue at the post office was not coming out the door this morning, so I was able to collect my parcel.
I have been reading it since I got home, with tears rolling down my face……
It is so beautiful, and SO needed !! I have not yet come across any other book of its kind. Such useful information for pregnant mothers.
You ARE shifting the planet Girl, in a BIG way !!
I am so inspired, and grateful, again… and will share it with all I know.
With Love
Belinda Loudon, Doula, Nelspruit

There is so much information – practical, logical, medical etc – that is available out there to those of you interested in finding out more about pregnancy and birth. There is however, a whole lot LESS information that is focused on the intangible aspects and attributes to this most powerful and life changing ability – that of being able to bring forth Life and participate in the life journey of that new life that is your response-ability. Hence this BOOK! Nothing is without purpose. This time is also an opportunity for you to grow within yourself, giving birth to new aspects of you. This can be done very powerfully by you choosing to ensure that, through your choices, you remain the centre of your birth stage & experience.

I look forward to hearing from you and invite you to comment
Chat soon
Love to you




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